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Maják ON0EME v provozu

Datum: 18. 7. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

Maják ON0EME v provozu



Po důkladné revizi byl opět spuštěn maják ON0EME na 23cm a od zítřka bude opět sledovat měsíc. (z Moon-netu)

The ON0EME 1296 moonbeacon has been re-installed. It is running in test mode at the moment on its maintenance position but we will switch it in moon tracking mode this evening so tomorrow it will start tracking the moon again. We are experiencing tropical temperatures in Belgium today, so this is a good test. We are monitoring both PA and box temperatures at the moment, they are around 60°C .

We found some humidity under the PCB’s in the power amplifiers, output boards where replaced and one FET needed to be replaced also. We decided to install a heater in the beacon box, it is a 1 kW heating element that will start working below 15°C. We hope this wil eliminate the humidity problem. We also installed a temperature controlled switch for the FAN’s that cool the beacon box, so at very low ambient temperatures the FAN’s do not circulate humid air anymore.

Also our monitoring and control system did have some problems ones in a while, this has been rebuild and in the coming weeks a new software will be installed as wel. A new directional coupler is installed to monitor FWD and REF power,before this was build in the output hybrid, but this burned out and we lost this monitoring feature.

Further we did “trim” some trees that where getting in front of our antenna at lower elevations.

Hopefully it will take another few years before we need to make a new revision of the 1296 moon beacon.

Vy 73’s
ON0EME team.