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Malawi 2015

Datum: 1. 1. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)

Malawi 2015

Atletico Team oznámil svou letošní květnovou expedici do Malawi jako 7Q7EMEKH77ap.
Pokud se někomu zadaří, tak na všech pásmech kde pojedou to bude také nová zem pro OK. (z Moon-netu)

After some DXpeditions in the past (last year 6W/PE1L) the Atleticoteam will go to Africa again.
Yes also in 2015 Atleticoteam will travel southwards. This time it will be Malawi.
The licence is received and 7Q7EME will be the call, the locator will be KH77ap on the beach of lake Malawi.
Internet will be aranged to send at least once a day an update via MoonNet, MMMonVHF and our mailinglist and blog.

We try to start friday may 9th and stay QRV till may 22 th.

Main focus is 144 Mhz but we will do 432 and 1296 MHz (and maybe higher) as well, a schedule will be published later.

Welcome to Malawi moonbounce site! (donations more than welcome, despite this is the porest country in Africa this will be our most expensive expedition)

Dont forget to vote at for expedition of the year 2014.

Eltje and Rene

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