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Marný pokus o ZC4

Datum: 14. 9. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

Marný pokus o ZC4
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Hlavní překvapení od SPAteamu se nekoná. Přes velkou snahu se nepodařilo vyjet z SBA (Sovereign Basis Area), která je samostatnou zemí DXCC – ZC4. Snad příště. Jako náhradní překvapení vyjedou dnes z KM65ua jen s jednou anténou (-3dB), kousek od nárazníkové zóny OSN. Detaily v pokračování. (Z Moon-netu)

Yesterday we dismantled the 23cm setup and put 144 MHz antenna in position again.
After that we drove a bit with the rental car, we have been in the SBA area that counts as ZC4 for DXCC.
Its really a weird situation, Cyprus, Sovereign Basis Area, UN buffer zone and Turkish part of Cyprus.
You can feel the tension at the border although the Turkish invasion was 40 years ago, remember Syria is 200 km away and the military zone in SBA is heavily used now.

We tried to find a way to get ZC4 at the air at 144 MHz, sorry to say but this will not happen this expedition.
The week before departure to Cyprus we where busy to construct a portable setup with 1 yagi for this opportunity, sadly we cant use it for ZC4.
Now our surprise: yesterday we did find a location in KM65ua, a parking place at club/taverna where we got permission to stay overnight if we provide enough business.
As it's close to UN buffer zone we keep extremely low profile.

After we did find the location we drove to Agia Napa where we had a good dinner, Greek souvlaki.
Returned at the apartment we did power up the station and we managed to get some more stations in the log for a total 299 at 144 MHz (pity we missed no 300)
Highlight was been called by LZ2US in CW and KL7UW in Alaska, the local temperature was 46 Fahrenheit, at our place it was 32 degrees Celsius.
F = C x 1.8 + 32 gives us 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit – 46 = 43.6 Fahrenheit, that was exactly the DF offset between KL7UW and our own echo.

So this afternoon we will setup the portable station with 1×8 el cross for our last moonpass at Cyprus.
Our signal will be at least 3 db less as we use only one antenna.
We have no internet access so we will publish the QSO list later that day online.
Our moonrise is around 2030 UTC
Freq 144.134
Call 5B/PA3FPQ
Loc KM65ua
We tx first

All QSL via PE1L

The SPAteam Johan, Chris, Rene