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Microwave Activity Weekends 2017

  • Peter G3LTF navrhuje na Moon-netu termíny letošních Microwave Activity Weekends. (Z Moon-netu)

For newcomers: The idea of activity weekends is to encourage activity on the higher microwave bands outside contest weekends. There are no restrictions… if you wish then use the logger, telephone, HF…and use any mode. It is not a contest. It enables everyone to make QSOs, test new equipment, feeds, preamps etc. Hopefully some of the big guns get on and provide signals for newcomers to look for.

We try to have these in the summer time ( N. hemisphere) when its easier to throw stuff together for an initial try, the best weekends ( high dec/ low loss) have already been selected for contests and there are other clashes as well. Looking at the weekends between March and August inclusive, I suggest the following

March 4/5 13cm, May 6/7 3cm June17/18 6cm, August 12/13 9cm

Its really hard to find suitable dates this year so if others have better suggestions then please make them. In past years these weekends have proved useful but there is no pressure to participate, maybe on 3cm there is now enough random activity to not need one?
73 Peter G3LTF

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