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Mikrovlnný plán EME expedice A21EME

Datum: 4. 10. 2019 (Od:OK1DFC)
  • Dan HB9Q poslal rozpis aktivity na mikrovlnných pásmech během expedice do Botswany. TNX info Dan !!!

The microwave EME activity will be as follows:

20./21. October
QRV 1296.100 1st JT65C from about 23.30z to 09.20z on 21. October

22. October
QRV 23×x.100 1st JT65C from 00.30z to 10.30z
2301.990 1st and 2400.100 1st (on request only, will be announced on HB9Q 23×x logger), for US-window 2304.100 1st (QSY will be announced on HB9Q 23×x

23. October
QRV 3400.100 1st JT65C from 01.20z to 11.30z, 3399.990 1st (on request only), QSY will be announced on HB9Q 3400 logger

24. October
QRV 5760.100 1st QRA64D from 02.00z to 12.30z

25. October
QRV 10×xx.100 1st QRA64D from 02.50z to 13.40z, 10450.100 1st (on request only), QSY will be announced on HB9Q 10×xx logger

26. October
1296.100 1st JT65C from 03.30z to 14.40z

27. October
QRV at most a few hours because we have to dismantle and pack the station (we need to do this with daylight) for an early morning departure next day. The times and frequency we will be active on will be announced on 26.October.