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Minnesota na 1296 MHz

Datum: 10. 5. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)

Minnesota na 1296 MHz
Sterss dish

Carl KN0WS poslal anonci a obrázky na aktivaci státu Minnesota provozem EME v pásmu 1296 MHz TNX info Carl KN0WS !!!


I will be trying the first trip to my northern property this year for a try at 2016 EME. Because I spend 3 hours driving to and from the site and another 3 hours setting up and taking down the gear, I was hoping to try to line up several scheduled EME attempts on that day. I will be using JT65C. I am waiting to hear back from several people, but there is a window between about UT 19:15 and 20:45 that might work (I am waiting to hear from Howard Ling G4CCH). If you are not working or traveling that evening, it seems this would be about 20:15–21:45 local time for you with a moon elevation of about 28–40 degrees.

If this week does not work, I hope we can try again sometime later this summer. I work about half the weekends, which is not good for this hobby! I have attached pictures of my current 12 foot stress dish and the parts I am making for my planned 16 foot permanent dish for 23 cm. As you can see, I use a septum feed.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Carl Hasbargen KN0WS , 73