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Nová verze WSJT-X

Datum: 19. 12. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)
  • Joe K1JT uveřejnil novou verzi WSJT-X doplněnou o nový mode QRA-64

To: Users and Potential Users of WSJT-X

The WSJT Development Group is pleased to announce general availability of WSJT-X Version 1.7.0. Full details and download links can be found on the WSJT Home Page:…t/index.html

Click on WSJT-X at the upper left, and then on the appropriate download link for your operating system.

Alternatively, you may download the installation packages from SourceForge:

Be sure to read the extensively updated WSJT-X v1.7 User Guide, available here:…n-1.7.0.html

A short list of new features and capabilities (relative to Version 1.6) can be found here in the new User Guide:…n-1.7.0.html#…

-- 73 from Joe, K1JT, for the WSJT Development Group