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Nové produkty SSB-Electronic

Datum: 8. 2. 2017 (Od:OK1DFC)

Od firmy SSB-Electronic GmbH přišla nabídka nových zajímavých produktů.
V pokračování je celá nabídka včetně DataSheets.



Dear Zdenek,

Herewith we would like to inform you about our new products:

Coaxial cable SeaTex®10 / SeaTex®15

These coaxial cables are a specially enhanced version of the successful
Ecoflex 10/15 standard low loss coaxial cables. The SeaTex 10/15 are
perfectly tuned marine cables. Areas where the SeaTex cables can be used
are installations on ships, oil rigs and the entire maritime area. It is
a highly flexible, 10/15 mm coaxial cable, identical to the known
Ecoflex 10/15.

GSM Combiner – Mobile radio network antennacombiner: SSB-MAC

The new active antennacombiner was developed for the mobile radio network.
The SSB-MAC receives and distributes local mobile data streams and
ships, in shores (up to 30 miles), in shopping centers, hotels, or car
parks, wherever distances or building structures interferes with the
reception of mobile communications.
The SSB-MAC controls up to 256 antennas for the illumination of
segmented shadow zones. The signals are distributed to the segment
antennas via the splitter ports and line splitters. Regulated
preselectors and low-noise transceiver amplifiers allow to receive,
amplify and selectively provide weakly or reflectively weakened signals
within the radio cell where they are needed.

ZST-200 / LT200 Transverter

This transverter, from 10m to the 2m band, is a high quality German
product. It was developed and manufactured in Germany.

The ZST-200 is characterized by the following product advantages:
All Mode operable (all modulation and operating modes), Operation with
transceivers without special transverter connections, very good TX and
RX selection, high IIP and OIP values of the receiving part, 25 W
Continuous power, easily accessible output power setting on the front
panel, presetting the maximum output power, one or two-wire operation
(split operation) in 2 m band, small dimensions

With the LT200, we have introduced a new, highly linear transverter,
which is based on the ZST200, with additional low-power 28MHz IF inputs.
The connection to transceiver of well-known manufacturers, is thus
possible by SMA connector. The device is characterized by a low
pass-through gain and high signal-to-noise ratio. The output amplifier
of the LT200 offers a power of up to 25 W adjustable from the front
panel, with a very low intermodulation of the transmission signal.

Ecoflex Multicore

Supply – Control – RF
All in one cable – from the basement to the roof.

Ecoflex Multicore is a multifunctional, compact and highly flexible
cable made by SSB-Electronic GmbH. In this latest high-tech product,
high-frequency, control signals and power supply voltage can be
transmitted simultaneously.

All data sheets can be found in the appendix.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Freundliche Grüße / Best regards
i.A. Christian Geppert
Vertrieb / Sales Department / IT
SSB-Electronic GmbH
Am Pulverhäuschen 4, 59557 Lippstadt, Germany
Fon: +49 2941–93385–0; Fax:-120
Management: Peter Schulte-Nölle
Commercial Register Paderborn / Germany – HRB 8871
Tax-ID: 330/5739/1160
VAT-ID: DE 260413423
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