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Nový 10 GHz tropo WR

Datum: 9. 1. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Při pondělních tropo podmínkách v Austrálii se VK6DZ a VK7MO podařilo prodloužit světový tropo rekord3cm pásmu o necelých 40 km, na 2732 km. Nejprve JT4F, později také SSB! Congrats! (Díky za info Vláďo OK1DAK)
______________________ Původní zpráva: ________________________
Od: Rex Moncur <>
Komu: <>
Datum: 09.01.2015 01:29
Předmět: [Mw] New 10 GHz World Record

On 5 January there was a nice tropo opening across the Great Australian
Bight which resulted in the following 10 GHz QSOs

VK6DZ to VK5KK 1920 km JT4f -14, -15 dB
VK6DZ to VK5DK 2062 km SSB 5/2, 5/7
VK6DZ to VK7MO 2732 km JT4f -15, -16 dB peaked later at -12 dB also SSB at
5/1, 3/1

The 2732 km contact is a new World Record exceeding the previous World
Record of 2696 km from Southern Portugal to Cape Verde Island by 36 km.

VK6DZ was portable at Torbay Hill 24 km West of Albany Western Australia, 10
watts 60 cm dish 

VK5KK was portable at Crafters 10 km South East of Adelaide, South
Australia, 5 watts 75 cm dish

VK5DK was portable at Mount Burr 40 km North West of Mt Gambier, 5.5 watts
60 cm dish

VK7MO was portable Cape Portland North East Tasmania ( a 700 km round trip
from home in Hobart) 50 watts 77 cm dish


All stations GPS locked.


>From the Esperance Radiosonde data the duct was at a height of 486 metres
with a refractive gradient of -589 N units and thus much stronger than the
-157 N units required for ducting.  70 cm signals were 5/9+ over the 2732 km


73 Rex VK7MO

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