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Nový EME WR na 902 MHz

Datum: 9. 6. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • PY2BS a W5LUA se podařilo první EME spojení mezi SA a NA na 902 MHz. O pásmu 33 cm si v Evropě můžeme jen nechat zdát, ale současně se také jedná o nový EME rekord GG66PJ – EM13QC 8211 km. Congrats Bruce & Al. (Díky za info Tondo)

Dear friends,

After months of preparations and testing, the first SA – NA qso on 902 MHz finally happened last night, with Al, W5LUA.
Main problem here was RX. At first, with the LNA connected to the feeder,  I couldn't receive anything because of the high RF level around. I could solve this, with  loss, by adding a bandpass filter ahead of the LNA.  Then, I've found an in-band noise from another service, which can not be removed by filtering. Fortunately, it's bursts are spaced enough apart to allow RX from the moon coming signals in between them.
W5LUA's setup is a 5m solid dish, patch feed with switchable polarity, some 400 watts at the feed from a pair of the 300 watt amps fed with 90 degree hybrid,  ATF-10136 mesfet lna at 0.3 dB NF.
At PY2BS, 5.1m mesh dish, patch-feeder with polarization switching, 180W at feeder, and GaAs FET lna. 
CW signals were ( 549 / 559 ) and  JT65C (-17dB / –18 dB ).  We've found out that faraday does exist at 902, just rolls kinda slow.
As it is, the 902 MHz is a temporary setup here, and I don't know when I'll be back in it. So, if your station is capable of 902 MHz, please contact me for a sked.
Vy 73
Bruce, PY2BS

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