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Nový WORLD RECORD na 3cm

Datum: 9. 9. 2017 (Od:OK1AXH)




Dnes udělali Rex VK7MO z OF76NK a Jim WA3LBI z FM28LO, expedice v DE nový světový rekord na 3 cm 18950 km! Rex během své letošní MW expedice byl nad zálivem v nejvzdálenějším místě ve VK6 (Meelup Regional Park) se 113 cm parabolou a 50 W výkonu. Jim vyjel do Delaware na východním pobřeží USA kde je na mimořádné povolení v rezervaci (Delaware Seashore State Park). Použil 2,4 m portable parabolu a asi 150 W z TWTA. Tato pečlivě vybraná místa z pohledu vzdálenosti a viditelnosti měsíce znamenají že delší už to bude jen velmi těžko. Veliká gratulace! Podrobnosti a další obrázky jsou v pokračování. (Díky za info Tondo OK1DAI)


Od: Rex <>
Datum: 7. 9. 2017 4:36:44
Předmět: OF76nk Progress with site for WR attempt
Hi All
I have now finalized the site for the WR attempt which is in the Meelup Regional Reserve from a car park which has an excellent view over water to Moonrise.  Of interest is that „Meelup“ is a native aboriginal word that means „Place of the Moon Rising“ so the local aboriginal people must have had EME in mind.  It is the only place in Western Australia that has a take-off over water for any useful distance to Moon rise and happens to be one of the few areas where it is possible to exceed the existing WR.
More details of the park are at:
The distance to Jim's proposed site is 18950 km compared to the present WR of 18337 km.  One important issue in working to MR when there is only a short common window is that I must get a good Az bearing so I am on the Moon as soon as it rises, as it may well be obscurred by cloud (rain is forecast for the day of the attempt but only 10% probablity a the time of the attempt).  As it will be dark the only option I could think of was a rock, called Castle Rock (Photo at the end of this email), about a km away and for Keith to walk there in the dark through the bush and shine a torch on a temporary white marker.  Keith did not seem too keen about climbing rocks in the dark so this morning I did a Azimuth fix on the Sun as it rose and referenced that to a marker on a bush about 30 metres away which we will use as the Azimuth reference on the night of the attempt.  To maintain accuracy I have carefully marked the holes where the tripod was located so it can go back in exactly the same place.
I have also visited the local Council who manage the Park and the lady who I spoke to gave me a good hearing and said she did not see any problems but she would pass my phone no to the rangers in case they had more questions.  As long as I don't get a phone call I must be in the clear.

The Moon sked data is below with details of the site from Google Earth further below:  The spreading is reasonably low at 34 Hz and the Lunar degradation not too bad at 0.8 dB.



Data Moon sked


Site at OF76nk for WR attempt. The blue line is the direct path of 18950 km to Jim at FM28lo, and the Red line is the angle to the Moon at MR at 13:20 UTC on 9 September.


Close up of site which is a small car-park


Castle Rock – Keith was reluctant to tramp though the bush, climb the rock and give me an Azimuth reference!

Od: James Malone <>
Datum: 7. 9. 2017 18:14:04
Předmět: FM28lo final staging for WR attempt




Some new paint on the trailer


800 AHR Battery system and generator for uninterrupted power


Using the local CW beacon for a signal test

Jim nesměl použít v rezervaci agregát, proto ty obří baterie…