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Palestina EME, MS 144 & 432MHz

Datum: 15. 9. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)

Palestina EME, MS 144 & 432MHz



Chris PA2CHR posílá informaci na web o připravované EME a MS expedici do Palestiny TNX info Chris !!!

Some info for the VHF/UHF  part of your bulletin, magazine or newsletter:


Palestine:  E44CM  on 2 mtr. and 70cm. EME   from KM71RU 

 We are happy to announce our upcoming DX-pedition to Jericho city in Palestine between:

15 and 24 November 2016.

The flights and the hotel are booked and license is paid.

Our rig will be: 

144 MHz:  FT857  /  2×20el. X-pol. ant: 16.0 dbd / Italab PA.

432 MHz:  FT857  /  27el. DK7ZB ant: 17.7 dBd with mechanical polarization control. / 400 Watt.

(we have spare transceivers/ PA’s/ preamps etc….)

We arrive on Monday 14 th of November and start to build up the station next day. We expect to run on 2 mtr. from Nov. 15 until 24  (not full moonpasses on some days)  Activity on 70cm  will be during one complete moonpass starting:

Saturday 19 th of November at 20:15 UTC.

A detailed timetable will be announced soon, we try to put actual information every day if necessary on MMM. Because we are QRV also during the ARRL  EME Contest we kindly ask all station who worked us before the contest NOT  to call again and make a dupe QSO unless you see there is NO pile-up !

The reason for planning this trip during the contest is only to make use of the maximum of activity and to give as much stations a change to work us.

Vy 73’s,


Chris, PA2CHR