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První den provozu ze Senegalu

Datum: 8. 5. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

První den provozu ze Senegalu
Antény expedice 6W/PE1L v roce 2014.

Expedice Atletico teamu zahájila provoz. Pár obrázků je na jejich stránkách. První v OK kdo dělal Senegal na 144 MHz je nejspíš Jarda OK1RD a Ivan OK1IL – Congrats!
127 initiálů a 35 DXCC za první den provozu, to je úctyhodný expediční výkon! Další detaily v pokračování.

Wednesday May 7th we managed to get our station on the air. All
systems went well, we had good output and after a good lunch (onions
with rice and fish) we were able to do our first efforts when the moon
rose above the mosque.
It went very well. We have no QRM, the signals are coming through and
Atletico team had the good old feeling back, the real African feeling.
And we saw our own echoes, it works!
Hermann wanted some beer so Eltje voluntary went for shopping. After
more than two hours he returned after having walked for more than 6
miles in the burning heat on bare feet. But Hermann could be pleased
with some local beer.
The dinner was something completely different. Yes, we had fish (in
butter fried sole) with rice and onions, but we had cucumber (in
slices) too and salad. Because the salad was cleaned in water from the
tap, we did not dare to eat it because it is not recommended unless
you want to stay on the toilet for the rest of the week…
After 6 hours we had the pleasure to reach our first goal: 100 inis in the logs.
We celebrated it. Hermann found out that some of his beer had vanished
out of the fridge, perhaps the long walk had been too much for someone
in this thirsty country? No suspects were found and the evidence was
However, we continued until moonset and we got the nice score: 127
inits in 35 DXCC for the first day. Not bad, we never did this before
from Africa.
Onions and fish: Atleticoteam's new secret weapon! We have a nose for it.

Tomorrow, May 8th, QRV from moomrise to moonset on 144.134 MHz, always first.
We have slow internet, we try to upload some pictures daily on our
site: onder button MEDIA.

73 Eltje, PA3CEE
Hermann, DL2NUD
Rene, PE1L