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Re: EME meeting in OK

Datum: 14. 4. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
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Od: alkatz <>
Datum: 14. 4. 2014 17:27:05
Předmět: Re: EME meeting in OK


Hi Zdenek,

Thanks – I can see why OK is the most EME active (and technologically advanced) of any country. 

73, Al – K2UYH

On 4/14/2014 10:09 AM, wrote:

Hello Al,

sorry that I am so quite in past months but I am very busy in QRL and traveling lot. I would like to inform you, that during last weekend we held EME and MW conference in OK with technical and operational presentations. Main presentations were OK1KIR history of EME, OK1KIR 24 GHz traffic, HB9BBD build of EME station, ON7UN ON0EME beacon, OK2AQ EME LNA for 10 GHz, OK1DFC broadband low noise amplifier with high dynamic, DF1SR EME peditton to HB0.

List of EME active attendance:

HB6BBD, ON7UN, DL6SH, DF1SR, DF6NA, SP6GWN, SP7JSG, OK1CA, OK1CS, OK1CU, OK1DFC, OK1UGA, OK1DIX, OK1KIR club (OK1DAK, OK1DAI, OK1DCI, OK1VAO ) OK1KKD club (OK7FA ), OK2AQ, OK2DL, OK2ULQ, OK3RM, OK4MT. Others were active microwave hams.
Totally we had 142 attendance. Attached is picture from conference. Please confirm that received.
Sorry again for my passivity and best regards

Zdenek – OK1DFC
QRV 144 – 3400 MHz EME – QRO and 10m DISH
WAC 432 – 1296 MHz
DXCC 432 MHz

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