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Rhode Island 23cm EME

Datum: 12. 6. 2018 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Pod značkou AA1KK bude od čtvrtka 14. června na 23 cm mini-DX epedice do US státu Rhode Island. QRV budou až v pátek, ve čtvrtek je u nich Slunce příliš blízko Měsíce.  (Z moon-netu)

Reminder regarding the 23cm RI mini-DXpedition next weekend – details below my sig. We'll also post any updates on the Make More Miles on VHF site.
Note: on Thursday the moon and sun are fairly close during rise (we won't be QRV for that) and set.
I should also have WSJT-X available and will be willing to try out QRA if desired (but probably best not during any real busy period).
See you off the moon!
Bob W1QA

Subject: Rhode Island 23cm EME mini-DXpedition

NC1I, KA1QFE and W1QA will return to Rhode Island with the 23cm DXpedition station as AA1KK in FN41. (This is the same location as for our 2016 70cm operation.)

We'll have the 2.4m dish with KL6M septum feed, G4DDK preamp and Kuhne amp with aprox 500 watts at the feed. QRG 1296.100 MHz +/- QRM (we will announce on-site if band conditions warrant us changing the frequency). AA1KK first sequence – CW on request on the DXpedition frequency.

As always we will QSL 100% direct to your QRZ.COM address. If you are not on QRZ or would like your card sent elsewhere please send us your postal info. Reply cards can be sent to NC1I's QRZ address or via the bureau to NC1I. Logs will also be uploaded to LotW.

AA1KK operating schedule:

Thu 14 Jun 2018 starting aprox 1400Z to aprox 2400Z
Fri 15 Jun 2018 1200Z to Sat 0130Z
Sat 16 Jun 2018 1300Z to Sun 0215Z

We may operate for a few hours on Sun 17 Jun 2018 on our moonrise (ca 1400Z) but if we feel we worked everyone on the band we will break the station down earlier Sunday morning and will not be on.

Because of the high declination and long moon pass we may QRT when there is no activity and get a meal, etc. We will make announcements on the HB9Q logger. While all QSO's will be on random if you have a small window with us or limited opportunity to get on (especially Asia / Pacific stations) please advise what times are good for you and we'll make sure we are available.

Bob W1QA