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Rhode Island na 432 MHz

Datum: 6. 3. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)
  • Bob W1QA a Frank NC1I připravili EME expedici do vzácného státu USA v pásmu 432 MHz

Rhode Island EME DXpedition UPDATE

Callsign: AA1KK

70cm operation only:
Sorry for the late notice on this – due to a scheduling conflict with the operating trailer we will be on from Rhode Island in April for only ONE weekend – and that operation will be on 70cm.

We hope to go to the site on Sunday 03 Apr 2016 and do an initial setup and possibly even some tests if the moon is up.

Thu 07 Apr 2016

We will return to the site sometime in the afternoon our time (ca 1800Z) and hopefully operate the remainder of the moon pass.

Fri 08 Apr 2016

Sat 09 Apr 2016

We will be on for our full moon passes.

Sun 10 Apr 2016

We will be on from moon rise until approximately 1800Z or no further activity. We then break down and go home.


We will send QSL’s direct for all QSO’s (both US and International). Your card is welcome but not necessary. DX stations feel free to QSL via the bureau if that saves you $$. Both direct and bureau cards can go to NC1I. I will also upload all QSO’s to LotW for those of you who prefer to claim your award that way.


There have been a number of requests for CW contacts and we want to provide those QSO’s as well. While we don’t want to make skeds we’ll announce some mutual windows where we will switch to CW. We’ll make that announcement sometime in the week prior to the operation. Feel free to drop me an email off the list if you’re looking for a CQ QSO. Reminder: we will be running the same setup as we had in CT and VT: 4 yagi + QRO.

23cm / 2m:

There have also been a number of requests for a 2m operation. Because of the demand we may try to operate 2m – or if time permits maybe both bands. Feel free to share your feedback either here on the list or privately to Frank or myself. We’ll need to talk with the property owner about returning for another operation (there are certain times of the year when we would not be able to operate and that includes Sep-Dec). There’s some possibility for July on our schedules – but no commitments at this point.

I apologize for the reduction in April’s operating schedule.

Bob W1QA