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Senegal pokračování 1

Datum: 7. 5. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Rýže, cibule, ryby… (z Moon-Netu +  blogu)

Monday May 5th we arrived in Senegal. We had no problems with customs.
But on our way out of Dakar airport we experienced the warm welcome we
usually experience in Africa.

Many men wanted to help us with our luggage and one of them even
presented himself as our driver and asked for parkingmoney etc. After
a long journey it is always difficult not to be taken advantage of.
But after a while we found our real driver and we saw that our new
made friends lost their smiles. So be it…

We arrived in the house, just 100 feet from the ocean. Good take off
and good chanse for groundgain we hope. After a good meal (rice and
fish with onions) we could take a rest and get some sleep.
Tuesday we started the day buying airtime for internet and after a
good lunch (onions with fish and rice) we started building the station
in the tropical heat.

All on schedule. We found a good place on our flat roof and we had a
lot of pleasure making sure that everything will work as we expect.
After diner (rice with onions and fish) we continued with our efforts
to get good internet. Problem is that internet is slow and it is not
always there. We are used to it, we can not help it, we are in Africa
you know.

Tomorrow, wednesday May 7th we will continue the building.
Atletico plus team is dreaming of hitting the moon hard.
Will be continued…

73 Eltje, PA3CEE
Hermann, DL2NUD
Rene, PE1L