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 27th EME & Microwave seminar – Hotel Horník – Tři Studně 6th – 8th April 2018  CZ   EN  version

EME from Seychellen by German team

(Od: OK1AXH Téma: Expedice Zveřejněno: 14. 3. 2015)

EME from Seychellen by German team
Coat of arms of the Seychelles




Expedice na Seychelly S79EME začne podle plánu 21.března 2015. (Z MMM on VHF)



EME from Seychellen by German team

Our activity starts on March 21 and ends on April 2. We try to be on the air on Saturday on 2m and Sunday on 2m & 23cm parallel, if we can get the station built in time. A schedule will be published on my Webpage later.

LATEST NEWS by Peter, DL1RPL, dated 2015–03–13:

The flights and location have been fixed and paid for. The license and the document for the customs we got. The callsign is S79EME!

We hope to have Internet at the QTH from the beginning. We will use the chat pages provided by N0UK and HB9Q. You will find more information and a daily update of the log on http://www.dl1rpl.de