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SM2CEW na 13cm

Datum: 5. 6. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Peter SM2CEW dostal půlroční licenci na vysoký výkon v pásmu 2 320 MHz s možností prodloužení. Ukázalo se, že firma kvůli které SM amatéři nemohou používat 13cm pásmo, ho zatím nevyužívá. Vypadá to, že se Peter objeví na pásmu o víkendu 11. a 12. července. (Z Moon-netu)

Hi gentlemen,

I recently received a high power license for 2320 MHz. It is specified for
6 months but it sounds like there is a possibility to have it extended when
it expires. Apparently there is no activity from the company who bought our
old 13cm band.
I will be QRV during the coming months, hoping to work a number of
stations. At the Orebro EME meeting we were talking about scheduling a 13cm
activity weekend, but I have not had a chance to look into this real close yet.

But at a quick glance, July 11–12 looks pretty decent as a 13cm activity
weekend, peak activity times to be decided later.

What say? Or is that crashing with other activities on the MW bands on July 11–12?

Peter SM2CEW