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SP/OK5EME - aktualizace

Datum: 10. 8. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Zdeněk OK1DFC poslal aktualizaci k přípravě SP/OK5EME expedice / prezentace. Na videu je test na majáku 10368,893 – OK0ET, mimo směr jen pouze nasměrováno z okna přes hlinikové horizontální žaluzie :-) Obrázky feedu pro 2,3 GHz s SSPA a LNA. Dále obrázky stanu který je připraven pokud nebude možno postavit parabolu rozumně od budovy. (Díky za info Zdeňku)

After long time of pasivity I am anouncing expecting activity during MW and EME meeting Zieleniec in Poland. Meeting will be organize by SP EME group in Zieleniec. Dates 14th to 17th of August 2014, more details here I will be there with my 3,2m portable dish, 250W at the feed and TRV for all 13cm possible band segments. I will have also available 10 GHz unit, 32W at the feed and will try test some contacts on 10 GHz too. Same setup I am expecting to use during my planing EME expedition to ZA in future. So 10 GHz will be in the test first time to have available some experience how the system works with mesh dish and accuracy 0,2° pointing.

During this weekend I have tested 10 GHz TRV, RX 0,8dB N/F and 32W RF on the feed. Still did not try to use with mesh dish and expecting make as much as possible experiments during next weekend. Specialy Sun noise measuring etc. Also 2,3 GHz tested, 250W on the feed and 0,5dB N/F LNA

Activity plan is:
Friday 15th of August build and test station, rectification of antenna, test 2,3 and 10 GHz, Sun noise measuring (if WX permit to work outside). Possible QSO on 2320 MHz if anybody there. WD5AGO indicate his possible activity for test.

Saturday 16th of August – 2,3 GHz activity full Moon orbit. During Moonrise monitoring 2424,120 MHz if interferency of WiFi will alowe. During EU window I will be on 2320,120 MHz and during USA window I will be on 2304,120 MHz.

Sunday 17th 10GHz tests – wrap up and drive home on evening, Monday I am leaving for business trip, so if not so many stations on the bend, I will swithch off at noon and move back to home. Expecting QRG for test 10368,120 MHz

More details on HB9Q EME chat 2320 MHz up room during activity. I am expecting to have some connection troug Internet or GSM.