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Srpnové Goonhilly Downs - detaily

Datum: 23. 8. 2017 (Od:OK1AXH)


Tento pátek a sobotu (25.-26. 8. 2017) je další mimořádná příležitost pro EME QSO na 6 a 9 cm s QRP zařízením díky provozu Briana G4NNS s 32 m anténou v „Goonhilly Earth Station“. Detaily jsou v pokračování. (Z Moon-netu)

On Aug 23, 2017, at 09:24, Brian Coleman <> wrote:
Hello Folks
Just to clarify our plans. At our Moon Rise on Friday we have some skeds with VK on 9cms so will concentrate on those first then on 5.7GHz until the JA window closes. We expect to be able to change bands very quickly so after the JA window closes we are happy to test on either 9cms or 6cms. On Saturday we may repeat that process but will start on 6cms if our VK tests on 9cms have been completed. We will be on the HB9Q logger. We plan to test on 3400.100 ± Doppler listening 3398.100 and 3399.100 for our VK skeds then returning to RX on 3400.100 . On 6cms we plan to use 5760.100 ± Doppler. Moon Rise on Friday is 11:00z and on Saturday 12:00z. Close down on Friday is ~21:00z and on Saturday 17:00z. Modes are CW and SSB and perhaps NBFM if anyone wants to try that.
73 Brian G4NNS

On Aug 21, 2017, at 21:16, Brian Coleman <> wrote:
Hello Folks
On Friday we plan to operate GB6GHY on 9cms looking for VK from our moon rise at 10:40z then switch to 6cms before the JA window closes at around 11:40z . After 11:40 we would appreciate calls from anyone. We will stay on as long as we can but will have to close by 21:00z at the latest. This should make most of the US possible before we have to close. On Saturday we will follow the same procedure but will concentrate on 6cms for the first hour for VK / JA. Our Moon rise on Saturday is ~11:00z and we plan to operate until about 17:00z so there will be no window to the more westerly US stations on Saturday . We will be on the HB9Q logger.
73 Brian G4NNS

On Aug 15, 2017, at 04:12, Brian Coleman <> wrote:
Hello Folks
A small team will be operating from Goonhilly Down, IO70jb, using the 32m antenna GHY6 on the 25th and 26th August by kind permission of Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd . We will be on 3.4GHz and 5.7GHz. Our Moon rise is about 10:00z on the 25th and 11:00z on the 26th. On the 25th we hope to be able to operate until about 21:00z and on the 26th until about 17:00z when we must close down. Our callsign will be GB6GHY. We will be on the HB9Q logger. If you have any questions or sked requests please contact me off the list.
73 Brian G4NNS