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Stránky EME Konference

Datum: 24. 8. 2016 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Na stránkách 17. EME Conference v sekci Downloads jsou nyní ke stažení veškeré přednášky a další dokumenty. (Mailinglist EME2016)
Hi there,
We have created a download section on the website, reachable via the head menu or at the following URL:
In this section you will find the digital copy of the proceedings, the presentation slides and the audio/video files used during the technical sessions.
I would like to thank all of you that sent messages for the staff in the last days, they have been much appreciated.
If you have photos taken at the venue or during the collateral, please send them to me, we will put together a gallery on the website for everyone's enjoyment.
CU soon.  73 de Giulio IW3HVB
Giulio Pico IW3HVB
Organizing Committee
XVII International EME Conference 2016
Venice Italy
Via Umberto Saba, 13/B
30038 Spinea Venice
Mobile +39 393 9209292