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Video z EME Conference 1994 Gothenburg

Datum: 19. 1. 2019 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Ben SM6CKU zveřejnil na Moon-netu odkaz na videoEME Conference v roce 1994 (z Moon-net)
  • Hello everybody,
    In 1994 me and my Swedish EME friends organized this conference in Gottskar about 40 km south of Gothenburg.
    SM6KJX spent many hours with his big camera during the two to three days event and than editing this film that you now can watch on Youtube
    A tape was distributed to all participants after the conference, but I guess you have not watched it for a very long time. If you watch now you can see how you looked 25 years ago…
    To all EMEers that were not there, have a look and find out how fun we had! The film is 50 minutes long and it is not very technical and we named it „Voices and faces“. Sadly some are now SK, but many ares till doing EME.
    73 de Ben SM6CKU