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VK3UM EME Calculator update

Datum: 30. 1. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Krátce po nové verzi programu EME Planner, Doug VK3UM aktualizoval také svůj EME Calculator na verzi 10.01 (z Moon-netu)

Hi Gentlemen
Its taken a while but the EME Calculator Ver 10.01 has now been updated to reflect Paul W1GHZ and Ingolf SM6FHZ excellent papers along with Peter G3LTF considerable work on feed spill over. Other areas of refinement have also been addressed.

Areas of change,

 * new and improved mesh loss routines. ( circular, Horizontal and
   vertical polarity conditions)
 *   corrected cross polarisation between dish and yagis (all
 * Corrected Moon noise for phase and frequency. (previously released
   in the EME Planner)
 * Rx performance option now linked directly to the Two Station EME
   (values transferred by default but User specific file save options
 * a new feed layout form and refined feed data has now been provided
   for all feed types. This includes the complex spill over / angle
   application as per Paul W1GHZ EME 2015 paper and Peter G3LTF
   additional calculations. Direct web address access links for all
   feeds has been updated.

In addition I have added a blue current date line to the Monthly Summary graph in the EME Planner
You may wish to update the*EME Planner Ver 1.95* whilst you are there.

My sincere thanks and acknowledgement for the considerable work done by
Paul W1GHZ, Ingolf SM6FHZ and Peter G3LTF,
and additional suggestions from Don K6ICF, Uwe DL1HYZ and Bodo DL2FCN.

73 Doug

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