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VK3UM EME Calculator verze 11.03

Datum: 11. 10. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)


  • Doug, VK3UM vydal další aktualizaci svého SW EME Calculator. (Z Moon-netu)

Hi Gentlemen
The following release of EMECal Ver 11.03 includes significant changes to the method of obtaining the Solar flux data,
the way it is displayed and manipulated if required.

One of the previous limitations in using the 10.7cm Solar Flux was obtaining the current flux at the time of measurement. In the past
I previously only provided the IPS Learmonth Observation site which, for most was not current for your observation on the other side
of the World.

This version now allows you to

 * selectsfu data from multiple sites and times as provided by both
   NOAA and Learmonth.
 * choose the site commensurate (or as close to) your time of measurement.
 * display thesfu in graphical (chart) formatand see the variation of
   the data provided by the Observatories.
 * the software provides a more accuratederivation of sfu values when
   varying the 10.7cm flux.
 * provides corresponding sfu curves for maximum sfu Cycle 24 and
   theoretical Quiet Flux for comparison purposes.
 * store, recall and delete sfu datafor all available sites.
 * the ability to modify the Adjusted Solar Flux if required.
 * provides an understanding of just how the sfu can vary from site to
   site around the World, and,

why using sfu to obtain a definitive system performance is subjective and not always an accurate nor an appropriate form of measurement.
Mind you, this may be the best method you have available given your system gain! The Help file has been updated to guide you through the new options.

I hope this will provide a greater understanding of Sun Y factor measurements and the variations that do occur even over a hourly basis.
Beware the inherent errors that can incur above 15400 MHz. This may make such measurements highly subjective and accordingly other more appropriate methods of checking system performance should be employed. (Stellar noise, Moon noise, hot /cold evaluation)

My sincere thanks to Peter G3LTF, Dave G4RGK, Charlie G3WDG and Ingolf SM6FHZ for their valued suggestions an beta testing

73 Doug VK3UM