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VK3UM aktualizace EME SW

Datum: 2. 2. 2016 (Od:OK1AXH)

EMECalc Ver 11.10

·/Moon Noise value/s have been revised to reflect the latest findings. X and Ku bands have been incorporated. Data from Goldstone measurements confirms measurements from Peter G3LTF for 6, 9 13 and 23cm. Source reference provided in the Help file. The accuracy of the Beam fill factor for very large apertures is still to be resolved with ongoing investigation but for normal Amateur size dishes is adequate.

 * addition of a /calendar date option/ enables review of measurements
   taken at preceding or future dates. This option provides relative
   Moon data (phase, path loss, Moon noise etc.) calculations for the
   date in question.

 * addition of a /Ground temperature slider/ to provide a means of
   measuring more accurately the Ground to Cold sky ratio by adjusting
   the temperature of the far field object to the temperature it will
   most likely exhibit. Settings for depression angle and type of
   reflective object (walls, trees, ground surfaces etc.) has been
   covered in detail and is explained within the help file ‚Measurement
   of Ground to Cold Sky ratio‘ by Peter Blair G3LTF. (a ‚must read‘).
   The accuracy obtained from actual measurements have proven to be
   most pleasing.

EME Planner Ver 2.18

 * Revised method of window calculations to provide user adjustable
   minimum and maximum elevation windows for both Home and Dx Stations
   in the Planner option. The values may all be stored for recall if
   desired. It is now also possible to go down  to minus 3 degrees if

Peter Blair G3LTF for his considerable work on Ground temperature (or Q Factor), Charlie Suckling G3WDG re date option, Rex Moncur VK7MO for his persistence in Moon temperature and Beam fill factor (ongoing) and Dimitry 4Z5CP and Steffen DD0VF for their suggestions regarding window calculation requirements.

73 de Doug