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Výlet do Japonska?

  • Pokud máte chuť na výlet, tak Mike JH1KRC zve na JA-EME National Meeting 2016 (Z Moon-netu)
Hi Al, Peter, and all:

There will be held the JA-EME National Meeting 2016 in Sapporo, Hokkaido JA8, June 18-19.  
It is the best confortable and refreshing season in JA8, the 
most northern tip of Japanese Islands.  

There are several international flights directed to Sapporo, 
and it would be 1h 20m or so from Tokyo/Narita international 

Fron last month the new Hokkaido Shinkansen Super Express 
train is running from Tokyo via Tohoku JA7 area.  If you are 
keen train rider, this would be the best choice. 

Join us for the All Japan EME meeting before Tokyo Olympic 2020.  

Contact a.s.a.p. JA8ERE, JA8IAD, or someone else in JA EME community!! 

Mike JH1KRC 

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