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Výsledky Alpe Adria 2014

(Od: OK1AXH Téma: Závody Zveřejněno: 4. 2. 2015)
---------- Původní zpráva ----------
Od: s51fb <s51fb@slovhf.net>
Komu: iaru_c5@ml.oevsv.at
Datum: 3. 2. 2015 20:05:53
Předmět: [Iaru_c5] Alpe Adria 2014 contest

Respected ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues

After Alpe Adria 2014 contest award ceremony last Saturday I would like to 
inform all those, who participated in Alpe Adria 2014 UHF/SHF and VHF 
contest, sent the log and didn't managed to come to Ljubljana, that on S5 
VHF robot the self printing certificates for all participants are available.

Short guidance:

AA UHF/SHF 2014 results  (http://slovhf.net/vhfmanager/modules/results.php?ContestID=125&language=G)

AA VHF 2014 results (http://slovhf.net/vhfmanager/modules/results.php?ContestID=130&language=G)

and the PDF self printing certificate is located at the top of arrow

73 es GL in 2015.

                               Miha, S51FB
                               ZRS VHF manager