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Datum: 4. 2. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Pokračování seriálu W1AW – nyní W1AW/4 od WA4NJP (Z MoonNetu)

Subject: WA4NJP as W1AW/4

Hello to All:
This station will operate as W1AW/4 from 00:00, 5 Feb 2014 through 23:59, 11 Feb 2014

I will use 50, 144, 222 and 432.........I will be on MS, Tropo and EME.....I will use CHAT pages to include such as: PingJocky, JT65 EME-1 by N0UK, HB9Q loggers, ON4KST VHF pages…and others
I will also sit in front of the radio and call CQ…please look for my signal. I will use AM, FM, CW, SSB and all the suits of WSJT…No Spark, just to much smoke and smell…
preferred freq for :
144 EME 144.107
432 EME 432.072
I will be active for many hours in each day, weather permitting, You will here me on 50.127.5, 144.235, 222.100 and 432.100......all frequencies are subject to change with various band and QRM levels, I can and will try to accept some schedules, but most will be in real time…
Feel free to pass this along to any interested Ham operators or groups..
Ray WA4NJP EM84dg

6 meters, 2×6 YU7EF, 2×7 YU7EF, 2×3–500 , Eimac 8162, low loss feedline
2 meters, 16×11 ele HB, 10 ele YU7EF, 2×4CX250, very low loss feedline
222Mhz 16 ele cloned K1FO and 400 watts very low loss feedline
432Mhz 2×24 ele cloned K1FO, 36 ft dish, 2×4CX250, 2×3CX800