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W1AW/7 Utah

Datum: 2. 7. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Další pokračování seriálu oslav 100 let od založení ARRL – W1AW, nyní W1AW/7. Randy WI7P – Utah (z Moon-Netu)
I am going to try to be on as much as possible running W1AW/7 from Utah.

I do have a day job. Friday is a holiday so look for me just after moon rise.
I start to decode above 10 deg elevation.

Look for me on 144.116 1st.

I may have to cut my power from time to time until I get my TS-2000 setup to replace my FT-736 so I can drive my lunar link power amp directly.

Antennas here are 4×9HV but I have a IQ+ on its way and hope to be using it soon.

For now I am using two funcube pro plus for receive. Run MAP65 on two different computers.
One for Horz receive and the other for xmit. I can switch xmit between vert and horz.

Hope to work many of you.

Randy WI7P