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Datum: 17. 6. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Pokračování seriálu oslav 100 let od založení ARRL – W1AW, nyní W1AW/KL. Ed, KL7UW Alaska (z MoonNetu)

W1AW/KL7 is to be activated from 0000z June 18 for seven days ending
on June 24 at 2359. A group of AK stations will activate HF on
several modes. I have no info about any of that.

EME will be activated by KL7UW acting as W1AW/KL7:

6–18, 0940 is Moonrise and 2050 is Moonset
6–19, 1000 MR/ 2250 MS
6–20, 1010 MR/ 2240 MS
6–21, 1030 MR/ 6–22, 0100 MS
6–22, 1050 MR/ 6–23, 0220 MS
6–23, 1110 MR/ 6–24, 0330 MS
6–24, 1140 MR/ 2359 END

Since I will be the only operator I will not be QRV all the time the
Moon is visible from AK. I intend to start operation each day at
Moonrise and operate for 4–5 hours as long as there are stations
active. Then take a sleep break and reactivate for my Moonset period
which will include Eurasia & Eastern EU. The MS view increases
westerly into EU each day. Declination angle increases during this
period making Moon views better toward the later days.

I will announce actual activity time on the N0UK EME-1 logger. Real
time scheduling can be made with me on the logger. Activity will not
include by pre-made Skeds. The exception will be for ZL/VK/JA and
western Asia as I will be QRT most times when they have Moon
view. Perhaps we will set up a day or two to operated during that
period. If you are wanting to work W1AW/KL7 from that area send me
e-mail so I can coordinate something for you.

Operating data:
K3 + DEMI 144–28 transverter
dual-pol adaptive reception using MAP-65
4× M2 2mXP20 1300w
Callsign: W1AW/KL7
144.116 calling frequency (*QSY for birdies on request)
JT65B, 1st sequence
Please continue to call me when I am working others as I am noting
all calls present using MAP65
If you stop calling I will assume you have quit and will call the
next in line
I will try to call in order received; Please spread out from my
frequency up to ± 500 Hz to keep QRM low
I will NOT be sending 73 at conclusion of QSO, but I require 73
from you to consider the contact completed.
I will set up a log on my website for stations to verify their
contact. More later on that.

KL7RA is overall coordinator for W1AW/KL7 so will handle QSL's. I'll
get more particulars from him and post that on Moon-net. KL7UW will
not be active during this time!

I apologize for the late announcement which was due to completing
re-build of my 8877 control board which was tested last night. I
withheld making the announcement until I was sure that I could be QRV.

Please be understanding that I will be operating a flexible schedule
which starts in the early am every day. There will be times I take
coffee breaks and meal breaks. The schedule is flexible. This
supposed to be fun and is not a contest.

73, Ed – KL7UW
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