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W5LUA/0 v St. Louis, Missouri

Datum: 18. 10. 2016 (Od:OK1AXH)

W5LUA/0 v St. Louis, Missouri
W5LUA/0 1,1m Dish 30 W


Al Ward W5LUA na mikrovlnné konferenci v St. Louis, Missouri provozoval o víkendu svou demonstrační QRP stanici na 10 GHz.Obrázek nám poslal Herbert AF4JT, který tam s ním spolupracoval a snad se EME infikoval (jak píše slibuje být QRV na jaře příštího roku). V pokračování je zpráva W5LUA z Moon-netu. (Díky za info Tondo OK1DAI)



Hello Microwavers

We had a successful demonstration of 3 cm EME at the Microwave Update Conference in St. Louis, MO on Oct 13, 14 and 15. I was located in EM48ss in the hotel parking lot. The antenna was a 1 m offset fed dish made by Winegard. Power was provided by a GaN device delivering 30 watts to the feed. I used a KX-3 IF and DEMI transverter locked to a 10 MHz Isotemp TCXO. I was not able to take advantage of measuring moon noise as a pointing assistance as there was a local beacon up the band that was getting into my GR-1216 noise meter. I plan to look into better ways of measuring moon noise over narrower bandwidths …..However I drug out the compass and was able to get reasonably close on azimuth and when we started hearing stations we could easily optimize the dish and establish a new azimuth reference. The theoretical 3 dB beamwidth of the 1 m dish at 10 GHz is 2.2 degrees. My dish mount is calibrated in 1 degree increments making it easy to update once we find the moon. Elevation readout was provided by a Sears digital level placed on the offset dish feed support. Based on prior sun noise measurements, I determined that the arm angle was 3 degrees below the actual pointing angle of the dish.  I requested that other stations who wished to call me do the mutual Doppler correction on both receive and transmit so that I could receive and transmit on 10368.050 MHz.

On the first moon rise, we did work on JT-4F G3WDG at 2257Z, OZ1LPR at 2305Z and OK1KIR at 0042Z, We attempted contact with K5GW on cw but it was confirmed later that Gerald had some tracking program issues and we gave up for the night. The attendees were able to copy K5GW calling us on cw so that provided a good demo to the guys. The tones from the other 3 stations were also heard in the loudspeaker… so despite the fact that we had to manually (with some luck) keep it on the moon without the help of moon noise, we did have success.

On the second night, we had a repeat QSO with G3WDG at 2342Z (thanks Charlie as you confirmed we were on the moon) and WA3LBI at 0023Z. I then ran a sked with K5GW with me doing the mutual Doppler correction on both receive and transmit and we established contact by 0130Z. We then went back to CQing on .050 hoping for further contacts. We were surprised and pleased to make a contact with G4CBW at 0135Z who was only running a 1.5m dish.   We finished the evening with a nice contact with OK1CA.

Thank you to the stations we worked and my friends who helped me with setup and teardown…73 de W5LUA 10/17/2016