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28th EME & Microwave seminar – Hotel Horník – Tři Studně 5th – 7th April 2019  CZ   EN  version

W5RZ QRP z NP Trail of Tears

  • Dennis W5RZ byl QRV během víkendu 9.4. – 10.4. s QRP výbavou napájenou akumulátory EME v pásmu 432 MHz. Tentokrát z Národního parku Trail of Tears v Arkansasu. Dennis slíbil poslat i obrázky které na web doplníme až dorazí.

Thank you, Zdenek – it was difficult conditions (weather) so I appreciate you and the other big stations I worked. The locator was EM35jg. I'll send some pictures when I get them from WB5JJJ, my helper. You are certainly welcome to use them on the web page.

Our 432 MHz NPOTA EME activity was a success! We worked DK3WG, DL7APV, OK1DFC, and HB9Q from the Trail of Tears in Arkansas. Output was 50 watts to a K1FO-22 antenna, and the rig was a Yaesu FT-817.

The only problem was the brightness of the sun on the netbook screen. I could barely see traces, even with color adjustments. The mouse pointer was almost invisible and I kept opening and closing the wrong screens, and had trouble getting callsigns typed into the window and setting up the messages. We were at maximum brightness with a box to shade the computer, so that's something that will need improvement before the next portable operation. Please excuse our difficulty in posting to the logger and getting the WSJT entries correct.

Thanks to everyone for working us!

Dennis, W5RZ

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