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WA6PY jako 2. stanice QRV EME z USA v pásmu 24 GHz.

Datum: 16. 9. 2020 (Od:OK1DFC)

WA6PY jako 2. stanice QRV EME z USA v pásmu 24 GHz.


Během víkendu se podařilo spojení OK1KIR – WA6PY v pásmu 24 GHz. Paul WA6PY je tak z Kalifornie druhou EME stanicí v USA. WA6PY a W5LUA také navázali první EME QSO USA-USA v pásmu 24 GHz. V pokračování pár obrázků od Paula. TNX info OK1KIR a WA6PY !!!

Hi Valda, Picture “24GHz_dish3” is from January 2012 when I heard very well W5LUA, but I didn’t had any power for EME. Feed horn was directly connected to the LNA. During this experiment MN was 1.7dB. Last few days at EL > 25deg  MN is 2 dB or little more. I am using modified 22–23 GHz ODU – point to point radio. Second IF is 432 MHz. PLL reference is high quality 12.8 MHz OCXO.

Next day QSO’d W5LUA also in high spreading, but conditions were little better, I heard my very weak spread echoes better than during our QSO. This morning QSO’d DL7YC and OZ1LPR, my echoes were little better. Heard DK7LJ with good 559 report. I will try again tomorrow.


TNX again 73 Paul WA6PY