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Zařízení XE1XA

Datum: 14. 7. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)

Dish XE1XA


Ham-shack XE1XA


Max, XE1XA poslal fotky antény a zařízení, jako doplněk ke včerejšímu QSO s OK1KIR. Detaily jsou v pokračování. (Díky za info Tondo)



Datum: 13. 7. 2015 21:39:41
Předmět: RV: Enviando por correo electrónico: 059 (2)

I'm re-sending to you 2 mails, on each one with a picture of my system that
I have sent to K2UYH.

73, Max - XE1XA.

Hi Al,
On attachment you will find a picture of my dish and me. On the following
mail I will be sending a picture of my shack.
I have spent almost one year of my spare time on refurbishing the 5 mt dish
and all the system, by removing myself abt. 190 rusted screws and bolts and
replacing with S.S.hardware ( a hard lesson to be learned), changing cables,
repairing motors, building a new az/el controller (my design + help from a
digital engineer), replacing the el actuator arm, all rusted, with a new one
in S.S. custom made by a machine shop, but the results are good. This
morning I worked OK1KIR and W5LUA, with strong signals on both sides.
The problem with my az/el controller is in the LCD display and related
driving card.

CU soon,
73, Max - XE1XA.
Hi Al,
On attachment you have a picture of my shack. From right to left you could
see in the rack my old 432 PA, the old 1296 water cooled PA, the TS 2000X
and new 1296 SSPA, the az/el controller below the PC, an old Triplett with
the dB scale that I'm using for measuring sn/cs, and gnd/cs, and then the HF

73, Max - XE1XA.