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Zatmění Slunce 20.3.2015

Datum: 5. 3. 2015 (Od:OK1DFC)

 This is for the European Microwave community.

I guess many will already know about the coming solar eclipse by a “super moon” at the equinox. The path of totality is up in the arctic see…-on-march-20 but much of Europe will be able to observe it.  Here in southern England the eclipse is from 08.25 to 10.40 GMT with an 84% obscuration at 0931. ( I know thats during work hours for most people)  I’m still making my plans and they  will depend on the weather, especially the wind, but at present I’m thinking of measuring sun noise in the first half on 13cm and some of the second half on 6cm losing about 10 minutes in a feed change. I will record the data on spectravue continuum. ( I have to learn how to get it into csv files!)
I’m thinking that measurements at different microwave frequencies could yield some interesting results. Maybe some others can make measurements at 3 or even 1.25cm?
The next UK observation opportunity will be in 2090 I believe!
73 Peter G3LTF