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Změna plánu JW expedice

Datum: 21. 2. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Expedice na Špicberky byla nucena změnit časový plán. Podrobnosti na MMM on VHF a v pokračování.
DF8DX qrv from JW (JQ78TF) on 23cm and 13cm EME
Please note that we are forced to change our schedule. We made the decision, that we change the feed only twice. The work outside needs to be minimized. The extreme cold here prohibits to work longer than 5min outside. Changing the band would take about 2h because we have to go in and out very often. Therefore only EU will be able to work us on 9cm. There is no window to NA, because this path is blocked by mountains. We are really sorry about that. But in exchange we stay on 13cm up late to work NA. Right after QSOs we will have to dissemble the dish and pack everything for the flight on Wednesday.

21.Feb: 1100–1200z 3400.100MHz JT65C (1st)
22.Feb: 1100–1300z 1296.090MHz JT65C (1st)
23.Feb: 1100–1300z 1296.090MHz JT65C (1st)
23.Feb: 2300–0100z 1296.090MHz JT65C (1st)
24.Feb: 1200–1400z 2320.100MHz JT65C (1st)
25.Feb: 0001–0100z 2320.100MHz JT65C (1st), also RX on 2304.100MHz

We will be online at the HB9Q logger.

Greetings from cold Svalbard,
Herman JW/DL2NUD and Bodo, JW/DF8DX