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Změna podmínek Italian Activity Contest

(Od: OK1AXH Téma: Závody Zveřejněno: 7. 3. 2017)
  • Alex I3KKW poslal nové podmínky a prosí o názory nebo připomínky k soutěži  Italian Activity Contest. (Díky za info Petře OK2ULQ)

Hi to all,

  In 2017 we changed a bit some rules.

We adopted the recommendation of NAC manager done in Vienna to align all entries for foreigners into an Open Class.

After 2 months we received little number of logs on these categories so I ask you all to inform all about IAC (same times as NAC).

In particular I kindly ask to NAC LYAC SPAC UKAC and PA Activity Contest managers to share logs within us to make a better cross check, and invite their participants to send logs also to our IAC Manager iu1eaf@arifidenza.it

Please share our rules.

Thanks for the help.

Best 73’s Alex IV3KKW