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Bodo DL3OCH vyrazil opět letos do světa a jako obvykle s sebou vezl i zařízení pro EME. Tentokrát 1296 MHz z TF, OY, a BY. Krátkou reportáž z BY vidíte na přiložených obrázcích, stejně jako komentář od Boda. Bodo díky za skvělou propagaci EME. Jako první pro OK s bodem v Číně pracovali kluci z OK1KIR.
Hi everybody,

as you know our operation at BY4RSA is finished for now. We really had a great time here and I met a lot of OPs here that are very intrested into EME. I am going to hold a second lecture here tomorrow evening. As you can see on the pictures, we created quite some excitement over here. There was local newspaper and a TV team at the operation site to see what we were doing.

Even so we could work just a few stations from here. The local hams here will invest into a nice EME station to be on air on 2m, 70cm and 23cm. They are eager to become Chinese EME station number one here to also participate on several EME contests. To make a long story short, you all can expect much more activities from here.

Many thanks to everybody who worked us.

73 de Bodo, DL3OCH/BY4RSA

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