Hello EMEers
As mentioned on the 20M EME NET and in the July and August 432 MHz and Above newsletters, WA5WCP is making plans to go out west on 1296 MHz EME and time permitting 2304 MHz. He will be operational in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. With Paul’s very busy work schedule which often takes him out of town a week at a time on short notice plus the fact that he has been trying to coordinate this “vacation” effort with family activities, we have arrived at a rough schedule or timeline as to how this event will unfold. Paul may be able to do a little sightseeing, we hope. He will be traveling through some beautiful country out west. The exact locations are still being worked on at the moment as we are in the process of getting support from fellow VHFers on the use of their sites with good horizon to horizon coverage of the moon. As Paul found out from the NorthEast trip one man’s impression of a good horizon is not often the same as another’s view! The operation will start around August 29th.
The tentative schedule is as follows.
Aug 26 to 28 Travel
Aug 29 and 30th Zulu - Operation at location #1
Aug 30/31 Travel
Sept 1 and 2nd Zulu Operation at location #2
Sept3 Travel
Sept 4 and 5th Zulu Operation at location #3
Sept 6th leave for home
The travel time between Utah and Idaho may only be 5 hours but the trip from Idaho to Wyoming could be significantly longer so this will affect the final schedule. As we work out the exact details, the schedule will be updated and refined. Paul has been considering using the first few hours at each location for random on 1296. For those that still need or think they need schedules, they can be worked in later on the first day and on the second day. If time is limited, 2304 will become a few hour random activity probably on the second day. Paul will have daily email and telephone contact so schedules and re-skeds can be done daily. Paul will also have 20M and 75 M capability.
That is a quick update. Stay tuned. Thanks for your support
Gerald K5GW
August 6, 2007