Od: Cor [c.wielenga@hetnet.nl]
Odesláno: 29. května 2006 20:24
Komu: ok1dfc@seznam.cz
Předmět: Dish!
Hello Zdenek,
Long time agoo I received e-mail from you about your dish project.
Amateur radio operators here in Holland can use a 25 meters dish which was used for astronomy.
Its now donated to amateur radio operators (I also have signed in for the project).
Look at pictures:
Below you can see where the dish will be used for.
In the future it will be real time connected on internet.
73's Cor PD0RKC
The Dish will be used for:

Project 7: EME.

7.1 EME direct

7.2 EME via Internet

7.3 EME equipment home made

7.4 CW Education


Project 8: Radiopropagation

8.1  DX on VHF/UHF/SHF

8.2  Ionospheric research

8.3  Meteorscatter


Project 9: Radioastronomy

9.1 Sky map at 21 cm

9.2 VHF/UHF/SHF Sky map


Project 10: Special Applications

10.1 Doppler from animal swarms

            10.2 Whistlers

            10.3 SETI

            10.4 Weak Signals

            10.5 Lost satellites



Project 11: Satellites

            11.1 Orbiting Amateur satellites

            11.2 Cubesats

            11.3 Mars amateur satellite

            11.4 Deep space satellites

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