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Aktualizace EME Calculator Ver 7.10

Datum: 12. 6. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Doug VK3UM vydal další aktualizaci svého EME Calculator.. Ver 7.10, který má vylepšený výpočet šumu země při různých elevacích a aktualizaci programu Atmosphere (attenuation) Update … Ver 1.24 pro výpočet a přidání hodnot útlumu atmosféry do kalkulátoru hlavně s ohledem na vyšší kmitočty. (Z Moon-netu)

The following updates may assist in evaluating you Stations performance noting that Cold Sky to Ground Y factor measurements are always subject to conjecture with yagis due local situations. Fully illuminating large dishes with ground noise is similarly difficult if not impossible. I provide this option in EMECalc for your assistance on the understanding there are limitations with such measurements. There are better ways than C/S to Gnd included in the software to determine performance accurately. This option does however provide a ‚ball park‘ figure for those unable to fully illuminate their antennae with ground noise at elevation angles less than required.

EME Calculator Update .. Ver 7.10
This version includes the addition of a Cold Sky to ground option to provide Y factor levels expected when the antennae is not fully illuminated with ground noise. This option will allow the user to vary the antennae elevation ± from zero degrees (horizontal/vertical). It may be accessed from the additional ‚Ground‘ button in Noise Sources panel.  Note that there could be limitations in the accuracy of the values calculated due to your local environment.

Atmosphere (attenuation) Update … Ver 1.24
With the increasing move to frequencies above 10GHz this software provides the values of additional path attenuation, relative to climatic conditions at the time, for both communicating Stations. Originally intended for EME the program has been improved to allow for the ease of in-putting terrestrial distances as well as retaining the Moon current path value function. These values can now be stored as default values.

Thanks, as always, for all your input, suggestions and comments.

Doug VK3UM

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