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Aktualizace od W1QA

Datum: 4. 4. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)
  • Bob W1QA poslal upřesňující informace o EME expedici v pásmu 432 MHz na Rhode Island RI

We are planning on traveling to the RI site to setup on Wednesday 06 Apr 2016.  We’ll probably arrive 1730Z and it will take us 3 or 4 hours to setup.  While we will have  moon the sun/moon separation will probably be too close to attempt any QSO’s on the 6 th.  We plan on operating two full moon passes on Friday and Saturday April 8 + 9.  We will also operate for a few hours on Sunday 10 Apr 2016.  Here is our tentative schedule:


08 Apr 2016 Friday

1130Z  moon rise

1500Z – 1530Z  CW

1800Z – 1830Z  CW

09 Apr 2016 Saturday

0030Z moon set

1215Z moon rise

1800Z – 1830Z  CW

10 Apr 2016 Sunday

 0130Z moon set

1300Z moon rise

1700Z – 1730Z  CW

1800Z QRT


We propose the following frequencies +/- local QRM, etc.

432.035 CW

432.090 digital

AA1KK will transmit first / even minutes,  Grid square is FN41dp

 We will have Internet access but limited access to moon-net and the email address that I'm normally posting there from.

 Bob W1QA