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EI9E/P aktualizace

Datum: 3. 8. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

EI9E/P aktualizace


Další podrobnosti k expedici EI9E/P do IO41TU na Moon-netu publikoval Peter G3LTF(Díky za upozornění Zdeňku/OK1DFC)
(Doprovodná mapka je z naší stránky OK VHF Club → Google Mapa).

Al, K2UYH has asked me to post this to the reflectors, GL ( Please note… contact Al for skeds, not me)

The EI9E/P dxpedition will be operating from IO41TU from 9 to 14 Aug. They will be on 1296 EME with a single Wimo 67 el yagi and 200 W. They are taking 1296 skeds for the Moon pass starting on Sunday 10 Aug and ending on 11 Aug (Z) for both JT65C and CW. Operation will be on 1296.050. They will TX 1st period. (Operating period will be 1 minute for both CW and JT). They will listen for calls on their echo frequency. Skeds be 15 minutes long. (Non sked stations can call 1 kHz higher, if it appears that they are not copying a sked station.) Stations can have separate skeds for CW and JT. Al, K2UYH has volunteered to coordinate skeds. Send your sked requests to him at Yes, they plan to be on the HB9Q logger for last minute news and sked changes/additions.
TNX & 73, Al – K2UYH