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Expedice CR2EME

Datum: 12. 2. 2018 (Od:OK1AXH)



Bernd DF2ZC oznámil novou expedici X-teamu na Azory. Budou QRV na 144 a 432 MHz z HM77FT od 24. do 30. března 2018. (Z Moon-netu)

Hello All,

since we now received the confirmation of our special call sign CR2EME it is time for official communication.

The “X-Team” DH7FB and DF2ZC will be QRV from the Azores from 24th March to 30th March 2018, on 144 MHz and also on 432 MHz. Our locator is HM77FT, at the QTH of José CU2CE who also assisted with licensing.

First activities should start on March 25th at latest. However, maybe we could even be on air on 24th late evening UTC. We will start with 144 MHz and switch to 432 MHz later during the DXpedition.

On 144 MHz we will use our standard equipment:

  • FT857
  • Tajfun SSPA by VH Electronics
  • 2×8/8 ele xpol yagis DK7ZB design
  • MGF1302 mast preamp

On 432 MHz we will use:

  • FT857
  • 2×17 ele yagis DK7ZB design
  • SSPA built for us by OK1DFC, ~200 W out
  • LNA by HG8ET (0,4 dB nf)

We are very grateful to Zdenek OK1DFC who helped us getting hold of a SSPA for 70 cm simply by building one for us

For information we have set up a blog where we report on the current status:

Here we will also communicate a stations worked list after each moon pass. And you can also find instructions how to support our activities.

73 Frank DH7FB and Bernd DF2ZC