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Lars SM4IVE digitálně!

Datum: 13. 11. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • V konferenci oznámil zapřisáhlý odpůrce digitálních QSO Lars SM4IVE, že udělal své první spojení provozem JT. Jak píše ve zprávě, digitální provoz se ani dál jeho oblíbeným nestane. Jednou to stačilo… (Z konference

As many have said  we CW neards should try it out to get more JT guys to CW.
Since geting my 2 mtr  EME amp running again after many years of inactivty, i decided to give 2 mtr horizon EME a try, And i worked SM2CEW on CW off course!!!!
My friend SM7GVF are having problems with his 2 mtr system so we compared signals  watching FW5JJ   and i could see his trace up to ~ 8 deg elevation then i lost moon.
Yeasterday  i decided to call a station VK3AXH  YES ON JT   would you belive, and he come back to me, with OOO   i sent RO  he sent R i sent 73  what a nice QSO     NO NO NO  so unbelivble BORING. It s
NO feeling no acchivment, its just a QSO machine without a Braine. Watching the chatt  one could see so many strange things happening. Is this the future of EME?   NOT FOR ME Thanks.

I hope some of you out there feel of your chairs  SM4IVE wkd JT       YES  1 Time that was enough for me. SO  BORRING Unbelivble.   Playing PACMAN  on an OLD Comendor 64 are more Fun :-)


I only work real EME no chatts no Bagpipes 
CW is King!!!!